Me? I'm a Muslim feminist poet and musician. I stay in L.A. I will let my art and posts explain the rest. Love, you.
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"Being the best is great, I’m number one. But being unique is greater, I’m the only one."


"Being the best is great, I’m number one. But being unique is greater, I’m the only one."


Since Everybody is doing it… Here are my 6 favorite selfies🌻🌻🌻

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Racism is like a Cadillac, they bring out a new model every year.

- Malcolm X

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Hey! So, a hypothetical question. Not a troll, just genuinely wondering what you think. If, hypothetically, history were switched and black people were in Europe and were essentially lucky like white people actually were in earlier times, would they have done the same thing to white people? (Slavery, colonialism, genocide and all the other terrible things) Do you think when people obtain power, they will do terrible things regardless?






I don’t know what you mean by “lucky like white people”. I think firstly you need to realise that white Europeans where not “lucky”. They were brutal, violent and just plain sick. They made a choice to have no respect for humanity, and had absolutely no morals at all. The reason they were successful in colonising the world and enslaving black people was because they enacted a level of brutality and savagery that honestly I will never be able to fully understand. It is also important to understand that these ideas of superiority did not suddenly spring out of thin air. I mean if you study European history and look events like the crusades you can see that these ideas were always present in their culture.

Black people were in already in their lands living great lives before colonialism. My ancestors (well my maternal ancestors) were living happily in Yorubaland. We had technology, education and innovation and we didn’t feel the need to go around slaughtering people, destroying their homelands and cultures and enslaving them. Do you really think Africa was one large barren and poverty stricken wasteland prior to colonialism? There was vast amounts of power pre-colonial times, for example, the Kongo Kingdom, it used to be huge and vast empire, it was also big centre for trade with the Portuguese. All of this was ruined of course when King Leopold of Belgium decided to completely destroy the country and kill and mutilate large amounts of the population. Before imperialism and slavery, did we go around killing and raping your ancestors? Stealing your land and ignore the rights of your people’s? Did we rape your ancestors, deny them their humanity, and enslave them? Did we go around cutting off the arms and legs of men, women and children in your nations? When African people’s used to travel to Europe they didn’t go to conquer and capture, they went and contributed to society, shared ideas and spread technology.

There is a big difference between people doing terrible things for power (which of course is wrong) and people being just plain sick, which is what the white Europeans were. It is only a total lack of any single shred of morality which allowed them to do what they did. The savagery and brutality that was enacted is not some reflection of some great human flaw, it’s a consequence of deliberate actions and choices that were made and taken by the white people.

I think you’re missing the point of the question, which is “If the situation were reversed, would blacks have colonized whites/would Africa have colonized Europe/Asia/the Americas?”

There is literally no way of knowing the answer to this. But I don’t have a ton of faith in human nature.

I didn’t miss the point of the question, you simply cannot read. I wrote out a long answer showing that pre colonial times there were many time periods where African people’s were far ahead of Europe in terms of innovation and development, did they ever colonise the European people’s? No. African people’s had a large presence in Europe for centuries. Did they enslave European people’s? No. Please read properly.

And it’s not ‘human’ nature to colonise and murder all other peoples you come across. It’s white, European nature. No other society on Earth has wrought as much savagery and catastrophe on innocent people as the Europeans. Perpetual, international genocide is very much a European phenomenon. Don’t pass it off as ‘natural’.


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Yassine Rahal for Sixth June


Yassine Rahal for Sixth June


+ [19-6-14] - Film Is Not Dead. // ph. by justbrad — one of my favourite photographers!


+ [19-6-14] - Film Is Not Dead. // ph. by justbrad — one of my favourite photographers!




PDF- I apologise for the tags and excessive use of the word queer as i know it hasn’t actually been reclaimed by everyone, but this genuinely seems to be the books tags. I do apologize.

In recent years, lesbians and gay men have developed a new, aggressive style of politics. At the same…

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This is unexpectedly not about make-up haha

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Check out today’s super cute 50’s themed wedding on the @Blackbride blog, captured by @La_Photographie!

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how have i only just discovered Phiney Pet today??? so good

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This made my heart smil

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German football star Mesut Ozil has paid for the surgeries of 23 Brazillian children to show thanks for their World Cup hospitality. Ozil had orginally pledged to pay for 11 surgeries before increasing his pledge to 23.

Well there goes the “paid to Gaza” rumor .

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is that miley cyrus




is that miley cyrus


Most people would never dream of touting around the dismembered bodies of White American and European kids after a mass shooting. Did you see that for Virginia Tech students? How about Columbine? Perhaps Newton?

Why? Because there’s reverence for their privacy and sympathy is innately felt, because no one needs a fucking visual aid to feel compelled to stand against violence when its against a particular populace.

But apparently, that standard erodes for Palestinian kids and ‘awareness campaigns’ trump respect and not brandishing most likely unconsensual pictures of foreign brown children brown up to pieces, existing on social media circuits to haunt family members and trigger other survivors of war who’ve seen those images far too many times in their life.

Get it together, have some fucking integrity and keep that disrespectful shit off social media platforms.


This right here. 

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